Endstation needs your help!

Make a difference today by giving directly toward real needs of the organization.


$10 - Spike Tape

Whether we are in the rehearsal rehearsal room or live on stage moving pieces for each new scene, spike tape is fundamental to making theatre happen.


$15 - Light Gobos

Gobos, the tools that create shape out of light, are essential to creating texture and emulating scenic environments. Help us make Frank Sinatra glow bright next summer in “My Way” by donating toward our gobo fund.


$50 - Paint Sprayer

Big sets, tall walls, multiple floors and coats of paint. There is only one tool to get it all done, a p-50 paint sprayer.


$75 - Theatrical Grade Paint

This non-reflective, water-resistant, theatrical paint plays nice with the light glare while also giving our set pieces the durable finish they need to withstand every performance!


$100 - Tie Line (3000’)

There is only on way to secure lights, sound, and all the other AV cords and cables that snake between the stage and the booth; tie line.


$250 - Generator Battery Upgrade

After pioneering outdoor theatre in Central Virginia, Endstation set out to take the next step in power with a state of the art generator. After years of use, our trusty old machine is need of a new battery.